Because sometimes you have to take time to make time, let me explain…

“I have no time to meal plan, I don’t get 5 minutes to myself”

“My family won’t eat ‘diet food’, so it’s too stressful trying to cook separately just for me”

“I have tried following a meal plan, it’s so restrictive and repetitive, I get bored”

If they’re the kind of things you’re saying to yourself, I have GOOD NEWS! – It doesn’t have to be that way! 

This is something I was talking about as part of a virtual summit event I was invited to talk at by Zoe Chestnut-Cubbon, owner and head coach at (Psst: Want to hear the talk? Sign up here: it’s totally FREE

I want parents, and EVERYONE to know that the power to change is already within you. Just a few tweaks to mindset and planning and you can get started on your own journey that truly never stops. 

Just small changes, over time, day by day, week by week, busting the ‘all or nothing’ mindset, breaking down the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thinking and creating lasting change


5 tips for working on your goals when you’ve got ZERO time

1️⃣Make PLANNING non-negotiable. Even if you take 30 minutes a week, write out what you plan to have. Schedule it on the calendar, diary, phone, anywhere, make it happen! 

2️⃣ THEN Keep updating the chart through the week, tick off what you ate, circle what got bumped… then review and look for the holes in your planning, to improve for next week

3️⃣ One Family. One Meal. Cook one meal and make it adjustable. Can you skip the extras like garlic bread, can you swap to more veggies with a smaller portion of rice/pasta/potato, skip the extra cheese, add a salad instead of chips. Eat a smaller portion. There are lots of ways to adjust a meal, see what works better for your goals.

4️⃣Start where you are! You don’t need to change EVERYTHING, just something. Look at your meal plan, make 1-2 swaps, see how that feels. Take time to reflect on choices that make you FEEL GOOD. Do more of them.

5️⃣ Make your goals realistic. If you haven’t been a size 8 since you were 14 years old then do you think it’s reasonable to be beating your 40 something year old self up about that? NO! Set meaningful goals with a ‘why’ (check back to the other week’s blog – for more info!) We’re all about GOAL FEELINGS. How do you want to feel, what kind of person do you want to be?  That’s meaningful and realistic. 

If these sound like the kind of tips that really resonate with you, maybe my approach to balanced, flexible nutrition that allows you to achieve your goals whilst loving life is for you! 

Shall we find out? 

If you’re already reading this saying ‘that’s me, that’s me and that’s definitely me, then maybe we should talk, head over to my website and book a call. I can talk you through my 1:1 coaching with zero obligation and give you some on the call tips to help start turning things around today. 

Here’s a challenge for you:

Right now, have a look in your diary and commit to 30 minutes for making a food plan for the week. 

👀 It DOES NOT have to be FANCY. Keep it simple, as my own coach says: “Let it be easy”. I tell myself this about 100 times a day! 

1️⃣ When the time comes, write out either evening meals or a full week – remember, let it be easy, start where you are and keep it real, if a full week is overwhelming, choose one meal of the day and work from there. Good enough, never perfect. 

2️⃣ Then review as your week goes on. What worked, what needs to be quicker, smaller, bigger, more tasty, less complicated… all of the notes.

3️⃣ In next week’s planning session, use your notes to tweak and change, keep edging one step at a time, closer to your goals.

💚If you do this, I PROMISE it will help you achieve your goals.

I’d love to hear from you, let me know if this was helpful for you?

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