Sick of starting over with weight loss?

Learn how to change your mindset to commit to your goals without giving up the food you love or sacrificing family meal times. Get committed to your goals and put YOU back on your 'to-do' list. 

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Commitment Project

The first time this course runs, there will be special BONUSES to say THANK YOU for investing at this early stage:

Lifetime access to the course material so you can go through it at your own pace

30 day Facebook BONUS support group to walk you through step by step

The chance to win a 1:1 coaching call with Angela at Next Level Nutrition

**No tracking or calorie counting required**

Feel Committed 7 days a week

No more start again Monday

In the Commitment project, you're going to learn how to make lasting change feel EASY

You will learn how to handle weekends, family meals & more

To feel COMMITTED to your goals

Feel Confident in your choices 

No more wondering what foods are high in protein or low in carbs.

The Commitment Project will give you an education so finding the right food for your needs is easy.

Recipes, swaps and family friendly, speedy meal planning is all included 

No compromise required

No giving up eating with your partner or the kids. No separate meals.

You will learn how to incorporate ANY food into your diet and still get results.

The Commitment Project will teach you how to make it EASY to achieve your goals without compromising your life

About Next Level Nutrition

I'm Angela, the founder and lead nutritionist at Next Level Nutrition and I've been helping clients make lasting changes for the past 5 years.  I've used my experience and knowledge to pull out the best, most helpful tips on making a lasting change that doesn't impact your life and I've put them together into a 4 week course for you to work through: The Commitment Project.

It's time to stop starting over and COMMIT to YOU, your goals and make a lasting change to your LIFE! 

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