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1:1 Nutrition support

Are you 'all or nothing' when it comes to your diet, health & wellness?

Do you struggle with your feelings around food?

Do you feel like you sabotage your own efforts because the latest diet you've tried hasn't worked... again? We're here to change that.

We'll help you understand what's going on inside your head, why it's not (and never has been), your fault and most importantly, key strategies to make a lasting change and break free from saying 'Diet starts Monday'.

Weekly check in's, daily text support, unlimited messaging and education on strategies for change (that won't disrupt your lifestyle).

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Are you confused with all the advice out there? Are you stuck on where to start? Or do you get started but never reach your goals?
This programme is for you! I know this because I have been where you are now. So confused with fad diets. Always dieting. Never seeing results. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that. I am going to show you how to UNLEARN the diet industry myths that are keeping you stuck.

21 video lessons + a comprehensive 56 page workbook to record your progress and experience transformational change and lifetime access to the material.

£99 (lifetime access)

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The Next Level You Society

How do I lose body fat? How do I stick to my diet? What foods are best for weight loss? Do you find yourself searching on Google for these answers and yet somehow, no matter how much you read, nothing seems to change? The Next Level You Society is here to change the way you think about food, your body and yourself, for LIFE.

Monthly theme e.g. Breaking the All or Nothing cycle. Weekly challenges, daily accountability posts. Monthly zoom Q&A/Hot seat & a quarterly book club.


Are you ready to stop comfort & emotional eating and learn the strategies you need for lasting change?

Chat with me today in a totally free, no obligation call.