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The Next Level podcast is a place that explores achievable weight loss in a healthy way, without compromising your life. We delve deep into mindset, habit change, high protein ideas and fat loss. Each episode of the Next Level podcast includes practical lifestyle tips to help the stressed and confused put themselves back on their own 'to do list'. To achieve lasting weight loss without compromising the things they love in life.


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The Ugly Truth About Progress.


Season 1, Episode 4 • March 9, 2022

5 Top Tips To Stop People Pleasing Getting In The Way Of Achieving Your Goals.

Are you always falling off your own priority list? Or, do you feel burnt out helping others, never having time for you? In this episode, we take a look at practical tips on how to focus on your goals, stop putting yourself to the bottom of the priority list and feel good about saying no!

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Season 1, Episode 3 • March 3, 2022

Working The Ugly Truth About Progress:

Hands up, who expects to eat one salad and see results?

I know I was guilty of this! Honestly, progress takes time and anything that promises quick results? We all know how that ends.

We’re all racing to change ourselves as quickly as possible but for what?

The changes you make need to last a lifetime, so what’s the rush?

Grab a cuppa and let’s talk through 3 key ways to reframe progress and how to see results.

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Season 1, Episode 8 • May 11, 2022

Why saying NO is powerful & inspiring on a weight loss journey

People pleasers of the world unite! Here’s my 3 best tips on how to say no when you’re working on your goals. Be it weight loss, healthy eating or any change you want to make. Make sure the people around you support you - and if they don’t, let’s inspire them into changing too if they want to.

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