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Are you ready to ditch the diet mindset?

Learn how to change your habits and start enjoying losing weight so you NEVER have to say 'Diet starts Monday' to yourself ever again!


If these sound familiar, you're in the right place...

  • You have tried so many times to lose weight but at the end of each diet, you go 'back' to your old habits.
  • You're feeling STUCK. You just don't know how to move forward and create weight loss that really lasts.
  • You're sick of starting over, you can't face one more 'diet starts Monday' conversation with yourself.
  • You worry that you're sabotaging your own efforts, being 'good' for a few days then failing.
  • You know you want to change and you know you can lose weight, you just need some new ways to solve old problems!
I want to know more about SHRED!

"I walked over 50,000 steps at the weekend and stuck to my 3 gym sessions this week - was it easy? - easier than I expected, was it worth it? It most certainly was - another 1kg and a dress size down!"

- 2021SHRED Member on reframing how we see our goals.

" i feel guilty? No, did i enjoy the time i treated myself with? Hell yes! Its not really a treat if it provokes feelings of guilt afterwards or doesn't serve me and my goals."

- 2021SHRED Member on reframing how we see time and 'treats'.


Are you confused with all the advice out there?

😵‍💫 Are you stuck on where to start?

🤦🏻‍♀️ Or do you get started but never reach your goals?

⭐️ This programme is for you! I know this because I have been where you are now.

👉🏼 So confused with fad diets.

👉🏼 Always dieting.

👉🏼 Never seeing results.


Each lesson has a video so you you've got me, right by your side, talking you through each lesson.


There are also workbooks, quizzes, graphics and more to guide you through the lessons. These can be printed or completed online.

I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be like that.

This is the Next Level Nutrition 3 step approach:


UNLEARN the diet industry myths and rules that are keeping you STUCK!


RE-LEARN what's really going to work for YOU and how to find the joy in the process.


Finally, we pull it all together and create YOUR OWN 12 step action plan.

Meet Angela.

The founder of Next Level Nutrition Ltd, Angela is dedicated to helping people make a lasting change AND feeling good about the process. Angela started Next Level Nutrition 5 years ago after quitting her 9-5 (twice!) to follow her dream of becoming a Nutritionist to help people not only lose weight but build confidence that they too could make a major life change, no matter what their age. When Angela isn't helping people, she's usually found hiking in the hills of the Isle of Man or enjoying a delicious slice of cake! You really can 'have your cake and eat it' with Next Level Nutrition.

Next Level Nutrition logo with Next Level Nutrition by Angela Clucas written in text

Are you ready to SHRED in 2022?

This is not another diet. This is a mindset makeover where you'll learn how to effectively change your habits and actually enjoy losing weight in just 12 weeks!

We start on 31st January 2022, if you're ready to come SHRED with us, sign up here.

We officially start in:


Payment plans available:

We want to make this accessible for as many people as possible so not only do you get UNLIMITED access, meaning once you've paid for the course, you have unlimited access to the course materials, facebook group AND all future updates!

Pay in full

One off payment of £327

£327 one off payment

Sign me up

Pay over 3 months

If you want to split the payments into three, go for it! Let's make it easier month to month.

£107/month x 3 payments

Pay over 12 months

To make it as accessible as possible, here is our 12 month option.

£29/month x 12 payments

What people are saying about the SHRED programme?

What is the SHRED?

It's a 12 week course with 3 phases to help you SHRED your old beliefs and do a whole lot of reframing - looking at things from a different angle to make achieving your goals the only option that feels good!



This phase is the reset. Going through all of the things you've picked up from diets over the years and challenging your beliefs. This module will bust myths, dig deep into current mindset and then finally bust your barriers to change and get you UNSTUCK!



Now we're ready to fill up your brain with all of the good stuff, the lessons that not only create lasting change but make it your default option AND make you feel good about it too. We've got habit strategy, affirmations, a food diary challenge and the 5 minute routine that will change your life!



Lastly, we're ready to pull it all together into your own best personalised action plan. We'll be setting achievable goals to build motivation so strong you'll never lack it again and learn why when that motivation comes from doing the work, it no longer makes sense to 'go back'. Goodbye old you, hello lasting change!

Are you ready to come SHRED with us?

Learn more about each module

But if you have a burning question right now, email us at [email protected] and let's talk.

PS: You don't *only* get 12 weeks... you get UNLIMITED access to the course & group.


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

If you sign up today you will secure the 2022 pricing which is £327 for UNLIMITED access (also payable monthly) including all future updates. If life gets in the way, no problem, you can retake the course as many times as you like and you'll have unlimited access to the course materials & Facebook group. Payments plans are available too.

How does the challenge work?

Starting from the moment you sign up, you'll get access to the entire course library so you can get to work straight away. You work at your own pace. Some modules will take you 15 minutes, some will take longer.  There is no worry on time limits and you have UNLIMITED access.

What if I don't complete the challenge in 12 weeks?

We've got you covered. You have UNLIMITED access. Once you've paid, you have access to the course, the facebook group and all future updates for as long as Next Level Nutrition is around (for many years to come!).

I don't have Facebook, is that required?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have a better experience if you can take part in the live Q&A's. Some people create a facebook profile just to join the group and as long as you let us know it's you. Plus you can now post anonymously so no fear of judgement or gossip!

When can I get started?

TODAY! Once you have paid, you get immediate access to the whole course & facebook group.  We will be running it as a live group from 31st January 2022 as well.

Does my location matter?

No! As it's all online, you can live anywhere and still take part.  

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 7 day 'cooling off' period. If you do the first week and you feel it's not for you, please email us at: [email protected] This is strictly limited to 7 days after the start date (31st January 2022). After that, no refunds/cancellation will be available.

What happens if I purchase after the challenge has started?

No problem at all. As it's a self study course with unlimited access, you will be able to work through the modules at your own pace and ask questions on any module at any time via the facebook group. 

+44 7624 225677
[email protected]

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Before you go...

I just want to say that I am SO excited to see you inside SHRED and to see you SHRED your old beliefs, everything that has been keeping you STUCK for so long.

I am confident that when you join us inside SHRED and follow this 12 week programme, you will create the TRANSFORMATION you've been longing to find within every diet you've ever tried.

Here's to never saying 'diet starts Monday' again!

Angela x

I am ready to SHRED (sign me up!)