Stop expecting yourself to be PERFECT

🧒 Would you expect a child to complete their GCSEs in reception class?

🔌 Would you let someone who’s just started an apprenticeship rewire your house?

👀 Would you ask a new employee to handle a complex client?


I’m guessing the answer to all of these questions was a big ol’ NO?!

So stop expecting yourself to be PERFECT

Why are you expecting to be able to do it from day 1 when it comes to re-educating yourself with food habits?




🛑 Stop expecting yourself to be PERFECT


If you’re reading this email, you’re probably fortunate enough to live in a society where we can ‘google’ information, we can order next day delivery, we can have food at our front door in less than an hour but you know what we can’t change quickly… OUR BODIES. And honestly, we shouldn’t even want to! 


😬 I see this with clients (and not going to lie…myself!) all the time. 


We set a goal and then try to hurtle towards it at 100mph, with little regard for the ‘how’ or the ‘why’ and just focus on the outcome.


“I want to lose 10lb for a wedding” 

  • So you restrict food & do extra/excessive cardio to get 10lb off in a month 

 “I want to get a ‘bikini body’ for summer”

  • You can stay ultra focused until the day and then you go to town on the food and you never step back in the gym or on your exercise/workout programme until a new holiday/event was booked

“I want to lose 2 stone so I can fit in to my old clothes again”

  • You think “I’ll eat healthy once I reach my goal, I’ll use a juice diet to get the 2 stone off” – and then as soon as you get to your goal, you feel great for about a week until the weight starts to pile back on because you have no idea how to stay at that weight unless you live on shakes


❓ What’s the solution? 


🐌 Slow the blooming heck down!


Rome was not built in a day


Stop expecting yourself to be PERFECT




So what can you do? 


⭐️ Imagine your ‘Ideal Day’ – and then pull it back to what’s realistic


How?! Let’s start with some ‘What If’ thinking…


  • What if money and time were no object?
  • What if you had no one to look after?
  • What if you didn’t have to go to work?


What would your diet and exercise habits look like if all of the above was true?


You might be thinking of a private chef and PT in your fully equipped home gym overlooking the ocean… and then a ‘I could never have that’ thought might creep in and try to hijack you – but that’s ok. This is the MAGIC WAND stage, go BIG! Get creative! 


Once you have IDEAL, now you can pull back to REALISTIC


🏋🏼‍♀️ You might not be able to have a PT in your own gym, but can you afford some PT sessions to get confident in the gym?


⏰ You might not be able to go to a gym because you can’t carve out the time in your day, but can you do a home workout?


👩🏼‍🍳 A private chef might be out of the question but can you afford a meal prep service?


🌯 Maybe a meal prep service won’t work for the family but can you create a family meal plan with swaps and adaptations to make the meals that work for everyone work for you?


You get the idea… and if you need some help with this, send me over your ideal day and I’ll help you with some ideas for making it real.


⭐️ Break your goals down into manageable chunks so you can feel like you’re achieving and keeping it real


Ok so now you probably have a HUGE list of things that you feel you want to achieve or change… OVERWHELM is setting in, you can’t do all of that! And you’re right! And also, you don’t need to. We’re going to tackle this piece by piece. Day by day, building things up slowly (more to come on why slow is best, keep reading!)


Order the things you want to make a part of your daily routine into priority order, for example:


🏃 Exercise of some sort

🥗 Eating fruit/vegetables with all meals

🧘🏻‍♀️ Mindfulness of some sort

⏰ Taking 15 minutes a day just for me


Whatever your list looks like, rank what you feel would be the biggest WIN as number one… then guess what you’re going to work on.  Just that single thing.


Let’s go with ‘Eating fruit/vegetables with all meals’


💚 Next up you need to know what you’re doing now, so you can make realistic changes.  Keep a food diary for 3 days. Review it, did you eat fruit or vegetables with every meal? 


If not, what could you add/swap? 


This is all you need to work on…until it becomes ‘just what you do’.  Then pick the next habit, work on that. Repeat as required, moving you closer to your ideal life without dieting. 


But I know what you’re thinking.. That will take FOREVER 😫


So let me explain why slow is BEST! 


⭐️ The REAL REASON on why slow is best!


Because what is more important than reaching a goal is KNOWING HOW YOU GOT THERE SO YOU CAN STAY THERE!


Anyone can go 100mph to a ‘goal weight’ or to get as lean as possible – and sometimes that might be what you want.. But if you’re in this for LONG TERM CHANGE… then knowing how you arrived at the destination is CRITICAL for making sure you can live there. 


What’s my number one objective with clients?  Helping them create a way of eating they love, that works for their goals AND their lifestyles.


If that’s what you’re looking for… get in touch! 

Head to and book a call so I find out about your goals and see if I’m the right Nutritionist for you 


Angela x 


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