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We pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job and we totally understand that not everyone wants to shout it from the rooftops that they've been receiving a little help. It's a personal journey.

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5 star reviews

Jenna: Wow, I've learned so much in 8 weeks!!

I’m on the final day of the Christmas shred and wow I’ve learnt so much in 8 weeks! Angela has taught me about the importance of balance and consistency and what I need to do to achieve my goals. I’ll never do a fad diet again! Thank you Angela for all of your support and encouragement I feel the best I have done in years! I can’t wait to see what the next part of my journey brings.

Trust me, the scales are lying to you

Trust me, the scales are lying to you

Stacey: The best thing was that I could still eat all the things I liked 🧁 and have a few bottles of fizz too🍾

A HUGE thank you!!! you have kept me going through the rough and the smooth and picked me up when needed.

I would highly recommend this to others, for me it was to educate myself through help of Angela on my food intake and the type of food I was eating. I wanted  to match the effort I put in to the physical exercise that I do.In my mind it was to drop the pounds of the scale, however over the 12 weeks ( although it’s been a rollercoaster) I have achieved what I set out to do was tone and lose some inches, but also I did drop a few pounds! (mostly at the start so don’t be down when you get to 4-6 weeks and scales don’t show a difference). The pictures speaks for itself…

Happy client, happy coach

Leyre: You will not regret having Angela by your side!

I’ve worked with Angela for a few months and loved her passion and approach to help overcoming day to day nutrition challenges.

Don’t expect an off-the-shelf plan with Angela but a tailored one that works for YOU.

The best thing about her is her ability to understand normal life and ensure you make changes and use alternatives to suit you whilst continuing enjoying life but still see results.

Whether you are looking for a kick-start to help you achieve your goals or help to change some habits you will not regret having Angela by your side! Thank you Angela for your support and help! X

Jodie: ...a new lease of life, to enjoy my body

So My lovely Fairy godmother Angela,
I want to say a huge…massive thank you for all you guidance in what can only be described as a lightbulb moment.
Angela you have made me look at the bad habits and the emotional bullying I have had weighing on myself for years.
My mindset has changed enormously and I feel now as an absolute food enthusiast, it’s given me a new lease of life, to enjoy my body and all it can do and to truly appreciate food in a completely new way.
My journey was never about losing weight truly, it was about dealing with some deep rooted demons and terrible habits when it came to diets and control.
I would strongly recommend you to anyone of my friends or family who want to make a change but have tried it all or no idea where to begin.
When I joined your course I can honestly say I just wanted the weight to fall off! But what I didn’t bank on is dealing with issues I never realised were there. and all it can do and to truly appreciate food in a completely new way.

Real Success Stories

20 weeks working (remotely) with Angela update: For the last few years, I have trained fairly consistently and followed a relatively healthy diet, but I wasn't seeing results. Five months on, being accountable & following a really simply, flexible and healthy meal plan that hasn't excluded ANY food types, I have lost several inches, kgs and most importantly (for me) body fat.

If you are after long-terms changes, I cannot recommend working with Angela enough - she's kind, personable and, importantly, knows what works. No fads.

Daniela Marchesi

From Facebook

After suffering with weight gain following an injury and lockdown indulgence (takeaways/drinking). I wanted to get back on track, but was struggling to find motivation.

Angela has been fantastic throughout my time with her. She has massively improved my mindset in terms of eating habits but also self care. By listening to her top advice I have been able to get back on track. Within 3 months I have lost over a stone and 43cm in total!

It was the best investment I've ever made in myself and would highly recommend Angela and next level nutrition to all my family and friends ❤️

Marie Skillicorn

From Facebook

Been part of Angela’s check in group for 2 months now and it’s honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to me 😍

I’ve lost 6kg so far, I’m eating better than I ever have done and I’m loving the recipes suggested in the group.

I have loads of energy and I’m sleeping better but the best thing to happen is my PCOS symptoms are being reversed due to a supplement that Angela recommended.

For anyone that’s tried fad diets, fasting, or just eating crap like I used to do then I can highly recommend Angela. She’s not judgemental or pushy, there’s no weight loss shakes, pills etc. It’s just good clean eating and no guilt if you slip up every now and again 🤷‍♀️❤️

Shona Leonard

From Facebook

Amber Filson

1:1 Client

I have worked with Angela for 4 months now, I knew I needed to lose weight but not sure what was the best way of doing it, with the guidance and support i received the results soon came!

Angela is a realist and knows you can’t stop living, so the odd night out or weekend away is fine, you just pick up where you left off!

Having the support and weekly check ins are great and definitely keep you focused for the week ahead!

Sharon Lannigan

1:1 Client

I honestly didn’t think it would work, I have tried all types of dieting and being in my late forties I didn’t start with much expectation. However this program is different it is not a diet. Angela works with you ensure you make the adjustments to your diet at the right speed and the right way. She helps you focus on your habits and become a mindful eater, making little changes as you go along to ensure they stick.

Over my six month journey I have dropped two dress sizes and lost 28 pounds, I didn’t imagine I could do this. I feel fabulous and confident. Angela’s support has been incredible and also helped me emotionally and mentally.  This is not a fad diet it’s a change for life, Angela wants to you to succeed and is very the best in this business.

Helen Furner

1:1 Client

Angela is an absolute star and encouraged me so well that I lost 3 stone in around 4 months!

She uses super motivational language and isn’t negative about anything…

She doesn’t make you feel guilty about eating the naughty things but works out how you can adjust other areas if your life to accommodate treats here and there!

Thoroughly recommend

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