Make a real change

Here at Next Level Nutrition, we want to see you SUCCEED!

To feel motivated, empowered and inspired!

No more fad diets or quick fixes

Just a one way ticket to changing you HABITS & MINDSET for GOOD!

Everything is then 100% bespoke to you and your needs & goals.

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My Top 5 Tips For Making A Change

Anything is possible when you have the right people by your side


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Ask yourself, is this you?

Are you ready to commit?

If you're sick of 'starting again on Monday' you're in the right place. We're going to break this down, make it achievable and all without compromising your life.

Are you sick of the fad diets?

Diets work 'every time' - but that's the problem, they should only work once. We make this realistic so it fits your lifestyle, no missing out due to being 'on a diet'

Do you struggle with weekends?

Restrict all week...over eat all weekend, never make progress?  We're going to bust that habit and replace it with a strategy that works for you.

Ready to hear more? 

If you just want to jump in and apply, click HERE or keep reading for more information. We've helped 100's of people make a lasting change.

We believe in enjoying food


I'm Angela,

Like so many women, I was a fad diet addict. I've done them all, Whole30, Atkins, SouthBeach, Paleo, you name it, I've done it and for what?  To buy 100 ingredients for recipes you'll never make, to try (and fail) at follow a system that's so complicated you eat the same bland food over and over to 'comply' - only to give it all up on a Friday (or even a Wednesday in a 'bad' week) so you can have a glass of wine and some food you actually enjoy... sound familiar? 

This is exactly the cycle I can help you break.

Next Level Nutrition Ltd - Founder & Head Coach

How It Works


I want to get you to know you so we'll start with an application form, you can find that here. After you submit this, you will be taken to a page to schedule a call.


Next up, let's chat! We need to make sure we're a good fit to work together. (PS: If we're not, I can probably signpost you to someone who is)


If you're on board, I will send you the sign up form. All done securely online, this handles the payments too.


We'll dive right in! We'll have a goal setting & welcome call and there will be tasks and habits from day one. At the end of your first week, you will have your first official review and that's when we really get stuck in with making a change. 

It's not the right time...

Good! Honestly, not the right time is EXACTLY the RIGHT time. How? Because this isn't a 12 week transformation, this is learning how to eat well and work on your goals no matter what life throws at you. So if you're in the middle of a big work project, or you have a troublesome 2 year old, it's about learning how to work on you despite those things, not waiting for a break... because let's be honest, we never know what's around the corner. So the right time... trust me, it's now

Real Success Stories

"You will not regret having Angela by your side!"

I’ve worked with Angela for a few months and loved her passion and approach to help overcoming day to day nutrition challenges.

Don’t expect an off-the-shelf plan with Angela but a tailored one that works for YOU.

The best thing about her is her ability to understand normal life and ensure you make changes and use alternatives to suit you whilst continuing enjoying life but still see results.

Leyre N’Shimbi Fernandez

1:1 coaching client

Happy client, happy coach

"I’ll never do a fad diet again!"

Angela has taught me about the importance of balance and consistency and what I need to do to achieve my goals.

I’ll never do a fad diet again!

Thank you Angela for all of your support and encouragement I feel the best I have done in years!

I can’t wait to see what the next part of my journey brings.

Jenna Smith

1:1 coaching client

"Angela is a realist and knows you can’t stop living"

I have worked with Angela for 4 months now, I knew I needed to lose weight but not sure what was the best way of doing it, with the guidance and support I received the results soon came!

Angela is a realist and knows you can’t stop living, so the odd night out or weekend away is fine, you just pick up where you left off!

Having the support and weekly check ins are great and definitely keep you focused for the week ahead!

Amber Filson

1:1 coaching client

💚 Inspire 💚 Empower 💚 Motivate

Two levels of support

Next Level Nutrition 1:1 Coaching
  • Let's go ALL IN!  You are serious about committing to making a LASTING change
  • You want to know I'm there for you, ready to answer any questions so you feel fully supported!
  • Included at level 1: ELEVATE
  • Welcome & Goal setting call
  • Welcome gift
  • Weekly online check in's
  • 1 x 20 minute 'ask me anything' call per month
  • Access to voxer app for quick questions

  • UPGRADE to level 2: EMPOWER
  • For all of the above plus 1 check in by zoom/phone call each month 

The Facebook Group:

We LOVE our Facebook community 💚 It's an active group with daily posts from Angela to keep you motivated & inspired throughout the week. It's a place to:

✅ Share ideas and recipes
✅ Debate nutrition and wellness ideas
✅Ask questions and chat with people on the same journey as you

❌ We never tolerate any bullying or hate speech (and thankfully we've never had any to deal with)

If you're interesting in joining the community without committing to coaching, that's an option too. Book in and let's have a chat 

What can you expect with

one to one coaching

At Next Level Nutrition we want to inspire and empower you to do this on your own. We love our clients but we know there are 1000's of people who we can help so we don't want to hold on to you forever or have you keep coming back. 

When things 'work' - they should work ONCE, not 'every time'.

Sound familiar, "I love WW because it works every time" 🙄It should work once...

This is our commitment to you

  • We will take the time to make sure you UNDERSTAND why you're doing what you're doing. Love the details, so do we! 
  • We are here for you. If you need to level up (or down) the support, that's available any time. We want you to have the right level of access you need to achieve your goals in a time frame that works for you.
  • We will provide recipes, inspiration, guidance videos, how to videos and best of all, we LOVE hearing feedback on what you need. You ask, and you will receive!   

Make a real change

Now is the time... there will never be a perfect time so let's get started

I'll be with you every steps of the way, I promise you'll feel so supported, you won't be able to help but make a change

We take it day-by-day, at your pace, to fit your lifestyle

I'm waiting to chat to you... click the 'I'm so ready' (even if you're not yet!) button below and let's chat.

It's zero obligation and I'll be able to give you some on the spot advice to get going today - even if you don't sign up

It's all in your head...

I KNOW you can do this






💚A goal setting call to get you set up for success
💚Unlimited messaging
💚Bespoke weekly online review

🧡(upgraded to 1 x zoom & 3 x online per month in Empower)
💚A Private clients Facebook group
💚100's recipe ideas to be inspired by

⭐️For those who are ready to commit

(payable monthly as £197/£257month)





💚A goal setting call to get you set up for success
💚Unlimited messaging
💚Bespoke weekly online review

🧡(upgraded to 1 x zoom & 3 x online per month in Empower)
💚A Private clients Facebook group
💚100's recipe ideas to be inspired by

⭐️For those who are ready to commit

(payable monthly as £197/£257month)

Do you want to know more about the way we do things at Next Level Nutrition?

Head over to the blog, here are two of my most popular blogs than clients and readers have told me they have really taken things away from to implement and start making changes. I'd love to know you think too.

Does MyFitnessPal make you go 🤯
We all love a glass of wine or a GnT right?

Frequently asked questions

What foods are included/excluded?

Will I still be able to eat my favourite foods?

YES! Any food is included. This is all about working out YOUR best plan. The one that means you can eat with your family or friends without being the one who's 'on a diet'. No one will even know.

Will I be able to drink alcohol?

YES! It's perfectly normal to enjoy a drink and we will work on working out the level for you that doesn't slow or stop your progress. Mindset is key here, and knowing your why.

Will you make me eat Kale or other things I don't like?

Absolutely 100% NO WAY. You will be chosing all the food.  We will help with recipe ideas and swaps but we'll be working off your likes and dislikes at all times.  No prescribed food here. 

About Our coaching

I don't know how to use MyFitnesspal, I'm not 'tech savvy', does that matter?

You don't have to! We can teach you or we can work on a habits basis. You don't need to track if you don't want to and our app is super easy to use with plenty of help videos.

I have a lot of questions, will I be able to contact you any time? 

That's exactly why we create the Educate plan. We know some clients need that high touch contact, if you need me in your pocket, I'll be there. You can up/downgrade any time too (monthly).

I have specific dietary needs, e.g. Vegan or Coeliac, can you help me?

Great question! The answer is MAYBE! We would need to have a chat to discuss specific requirements and support. Book in and if I can't help you, I'll know who to recommend you to. 

General FAQ

Is there a minimum term I need to sign up for?

No, you can stay as long or as short as you want. There is a 10% discount for those who sign up for 3 months at a time, this is the recommended amount of time for us to really make a meaningful change.

Can you help me with my fitness goals?

At Next Level Nutrition we specialise in nutrition, habits and mindset change so whilst we can't directly recommend an exercise plan, we can help with setting steps targets and providing accountability to make sure you get your workouts done. 

I have a question that's not covered here...

We've got you, fill in the contact box below and let's chat.

Do you have a question we haven't answered? Drop us a line below

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