STOP: I want you (yes, YOU) to know that you can lose weight eating the food you love with your loved ones, without missing out

The amazing  'secret' (that is actually simple) that the fad diet industries don’t want you to know.

Imagine what life would be like if you could have a healthy relationship with food and your body, wear your favourite jeans on a Friday night out AND still eat pizza and drink prosecco with no Sunday regrets no ‘Start again Monday’… Well now you can. Read on to discover more.

This article is for people who have struggled with their weight for years and want to Lose Weight fast.

If you’ve tried every diet out there, only to find yourself losing a few pounds, before piling them all back on again you must read this.

In this free blog, I’ll reveal the three things you can do today to lose weight and keep it off without ever having to diet again. 

Read these statements and see how many you agree with...

(I'd love it if you would drop me a message if these really resonate with you, I can help)

📝 You don’t have *clarity* on your goals. You know you want to be leaner but you need guidance and support

🍕 You feel *unsure* of how to work out the best ratio of nutrients to lose body fat without giving up all your favourite foods

👗 You feel *uncomfortable* looking at your wardrobe and seeing outfits you’re tired of not feeling great in when you put them on

😖 You lack the *confidence* to make a change to your routine because you don’t have reassurance it’s going to help you

🥴 You’re *tired* of fad diets and starting over again on Monday...

If you answered “yes” to any one the above, then please keep reading.

I know that right now, having a body you can be proud of, feeling energised and sleeping well sounds like a pipe dream.

And that’s natural.

But I assure you, in this article you’ll learn the 3 tricks that any person who is stressed out with dieting need to know.

And without giving up ANY of your favourite foods.

Yes - cake, crisps, chocolate and bread are all on the menu. Even wine can be a part of your weight loss diet.

Read on to learn more.

Diets Don’t Work for You as Lose Weight

You probably tell yourself that you’re one of those people that diets don’t work for.

And it’s true.

Throughout my years as a nutritionist, I’ve seen this first hand:

People who try every single diet out there, only to never achieve peace with their body, or the figure that all their hard work deserves.

I feel your pain.

Quite frankly, it’s awful when you put so much effort into sticking to your low-carb, low-calorie, keto, detox, whatever diet, when you only lose a pound or two, and then pile all the weight back on as soon as you go back to eating ‘normally’.

For the lucky people out there, dieting is easy.

Some people appear to not even need to diet - they seem to stay in amazing shape through willpower alone.

But there are people out there, especially those in the 30-60 age range, for whom traditional dieting methods simply don’t work.

It doesn’t matter how often you go to the gym…

What fat-burning supplements you take…  (please don't do this!)

How low you cut your carbs …

Or how keto you try to go…

Nothing seems to work.

Worse still, you feel so restricted on a diet that it has a huge impact on your social life.

You can’t go out to eat with friends, have a drink with your partner, or celebrate birthdays, Christmas and go to barbecues without fear of ‘ruining your diet’ and undoing all your hard work.

So what can you do to Lose Weight?

Give up dieting forever and just accept a life of being overweight, unhappy and hating your body?

It’s incredibly sad, but many people are doing this.

I hope I can tell all of those people the three tips I’m about to share with you that can finally help you lose that stubborn body fat, drop pounds, and feel good in your own skin.

Are you GUILTY of any of the following …

Cutting whole food groups from your diet

Having a cheat meal/day at weekends

Trying to avoid grains, sugars, gluten or dairy?

Buying a fat-burning supplement

Having most of your meals as shakes

Doing hours of cardio every week

If so, don’t worry.

All these are incredibly common with people trying to lose weight, but none of them are the correct way to go about making a lasting change.

Cardio might burn calories, but who’s got time for endless hours on the Cross Trainer?

Cardio is great for fitness, stress relief and getting time to think but it's not that great for weight loss!

People who have great shape don’t need do much strict cardio at all.

But they do all use the three tips I’m about to share with you.

Cutting out food groups might seem like a good way to get slim and toned, but trust me, it’s not.

See by cutting out grains, or dairy, or meat, or sugar, or gluten (without medical reasoning), all you do is create monstrous cravings, which you can only stave off for so long.

This leads us to …

Cheat meals.

Cheat meals boost your metabolism, right?


Cheat meals are the fastest way to regain any weight you’ve lost, and make yourself bloated, fat and sick.

It’s possible to gain 2 to 3 pounds from just one day of ‘cheating’ on your diet.

These, along with all the other mistakes above are among a whole host of reasons why diets have never worked for you before.

Now, this isn’t your fault:

The diet industry has been lying to you.

But I want to fix that. To make sure you only need to do this once… 

3 GUARANTEED tips to help ANYONE Lose Weight body fat and drop pounds without endless hours in the gym or starving yourself. It’s so easy, you’re going to love it

My methods might seem crazy.

But I promise you, they’re backed by science.

It’s just that they don’t hit the mainstream as they’re not designed to make you part with any cash.

They can all be done completely FREE.

Plus you can start them as soon as you finish reading this article.


Become aware of what you’re eating by logging your food in an app or on paper.  Do you know that 90% of people who give me a food diary tell me ‘but that’s not a normal week’ – Yes, it is! You’re just not used to seeing what you eat starting back at you in black and white. 


Start eating fruit or vegetables with every meal. You will be amazing at how this tiny change can direct your choices, in the sandwich shop for example, if you used to order Ham and Cheese, now you order Ham salad.  These small changes really add up. Switch your green veg v pasta/rice/potato portions around, this reduced calories without impacting on food volume. Swap to low fat dairy, this is higher in protein and lower in fat. 


Limit eating to 4 times per day.  This is a game changer.  If nothing else, don’t change what you eat BUT remember you can only eat 4 times in a day. For most people that’s 3 meals and 1 snack.  How many trips to the office kitchen do you make for a biscuit?  Now, you can only do it once in a day if you don’t want to miss out on lunch.

Once I started using these simple, but massively overlooked methods with my own clients, the results were staggering, but don't just take my word for it, let's hear from Sharon Lannigan, who at the time of writing (March 2020, is about to graduate Next Level Nutrition, I can't wait to post an update from her. 

Client Testimonial

"I started working with Angela on the recommendation from a friend, she said it was a different program and a better more healthy way to lose weight. I honestly didn’t think it would work, I have tried all types of dieting and being in my late forties I didn’t start with much expectation. However this program is different it is not a diet. Angela works with you ensure you make the adjustments to your diet at the right speed and the right way. She helps you focus on your habits and become a mindful eater, making little changes as you go along to ensure they stick.

I have not given up anything I enjoy and I have not cut out any food from my diet, in fact I have actually added more food to my diet and started to look cooking again. Angela provides fabulous monthly recipes as well as group and one on one support.

Over my six month journey I have dropped two dress sizes and lost 28 pounds, I didn’t imagine I could do this. I feel fabulous and confident. Angela’s support has been incredible and also helped me emotionally and mentally.  This is not a fad diet it’s a change for life, Angela wants to you to succeed and is very the best in this business."

The #1 way to make peace with your body & feel great in your skin when you’re short on time and already over committed

Introducing: 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching 

Now, before I reveal just how you can gain exclusive access to my coaching programme, let me be clear:

This is NOT for everyone.

I’ve had people apply and even invest before who haven’t been serious.

They’ve not really wanted to change.

And that’s okay, because not everybody is ready to commit to finally making a change and grasping hold of their perfect body.

So let me tell you what’s involved with the 1-2-1 coaching programme
  • It’s on your time, log in online whenever fits in with your schedule
  • It’s all your favourite foods, nothing is banned
  • It’s educational, you will learn the skills you need for maintenance
  • It’s fun, there is a great, active online community to join
  • It’s private, no one needs to know if you don’t want them to
  • It fits with your lifestyle, no radical change, just creating the best version of your own diet for your own life

The question on your lips …

How much does it cost?

Let me answer that:

The full value of what I’m offering is this:

A bespoke review, done by me, every week 

24/7 email access for any questions you have 

An active online community for daily inspiration 

A monthly recipe book to keep you inspired

A quarterly group meeting to connect with others on the same journey

That’s a total value of per month £520.

But through this page, you can gain access to online personal nutrition coaching to help you achieve peace with food and your body –for just £137 per month

Still on the fence?

Think of it like this -

How much do you pay for coffee every day?

How about your monthly TV subscription?

Meals out?

Junk food?

I’m not saying for one minute that you have to give up any of these, and in fact, I’d encourage you to keep living your life while losing weight and reshaping your body.

But what I would say is currently, all those things above are making you fatter and more miserable and costing you much, much more than my 1-2-1 coaching programme

For less than the cost of your daily trip to Costa or Starbucks you can have: 

  • The body you want without giving up the food you love
  • To eat with your family without complaints about ‘diet food’
  • To go out with your friends and not miss out
  • To enjoy a glass of wine without ‘ruining’ your diet
  • To go to weddings and social events and feel confident in your choices
  • To have support throughout, no more googling for info and wondering if it’s correct

When you click the button below, you’ll immediately be taking a step towards a body you feel proud of and an energised life.

Just picture it -

You’ll look fantastic.

Friends will ask how you managed it as they gaze at you in envy.

Your partner won't be able to keep their hands off you (or jealous at the attention you're getting!)

Your kids will be happy to run around with you.

And most importantly, you’ll finally feel confident in your own skin and have a body you’re not at war with.

What’s more, you can do all of this without having to ban your favourite foods, and with actually enjoying what you eat.

Here’s what happens as soon as you take action and invest in your health and happiness today:

Let’s talk, I can answer any questions you might have an tell you more about how the programme works.  It’s a no obligation call, just me and you having a chat about your goals and how I can help.

What’s stopping you?

Think about it -

Are you 100% happy with your body at the moment?

Do you like carrying around those extra pounds?

And is yoyo dieting something you want to be doing for the next 5, 10 or 20 years?

If not, you know what to do.

With my cancel any time guarantee, it’s completely risk-free too.

In the incredibly unlikely situation that you’ve checked in every week and you’re not completely happy, I’ll refund every penny you pay.

What’s it to be?

Invest now and start seeing immediate results, or go back to your detox diets, your expensive supplements and your cardio classes, see no results only to come back here in 2 months time more miserable, more down and 5 to 10 pounds heavier?

The choice is yours …