Next Level Nutrition - Nutritionist Angela Clucas

Are you sick of starting again on Monday?

Are you ready to make a lasting change?

Learn how to get UNSTUCK! How to eat for your GOALS! And best of all… how to do it ALL whilst still LIVING your LIFE!

Do you struggle with being consistent with your diet?

With committing to your goals 7 days a week?

Does this sound like you?

Restrict all week…over eat all weekend, never make progress?  We’re going to bust that habit and replace it with a strategy that works for you.

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Do you know we don’t just do 1:1 coaching?

We also offer courses you can start right now

I’ll help you turn your fear into SUCCESS, so you can:

…Break the ‘diet starts Monday’ cycle

…Boost your confidence

…Challenge your old beliefs, aka what’s keeping you STUCK

…Work out your true GOALS and WHY so you can achieve them with passion!


Want to know the magic formula for Next Level Nutrition?


We use flexible dieting as an initial tool to help educate on portion size and macronutrient content of food, that’s proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It’s simple with a little guidance from Next Level Nutrition. We use Myfitnesspal as an electronic food diary but don’t worry, if you’ve used this before without support, this experience will be different.


If you’ve signed up for 1-2-1 coaching, you will have access to the Next Level Nutrition portal. This enables us to see your food diary, your stats, you photos if you choose to take them and your answers to our weekly mindset questions. Based on the information you give coupled with your goals, Next Level Nutrition will reply with help, suggestions, ideas and targets for the week ahead so you can make progress week on week.


Progress is multifaceted. We work closely together to ensure you’re changing the way you think about food and nutrition, changing habits and mindset, not just trying to beat the scales each week.

I’m Angela and I’m the founder of Next Level Nutrition.

I have a passion for helping people, I’m a natural born problem solver and I love nothing more than looking at all of the facts, unpicking the ‘messy middle’ and reassembling things back into order. Making it as easy as possible for you to achieve your goals!

It’s all go at Next Level Nutrition HQ