Hi, I'm Angela

I'm on a mission to empower women in their 30s & 40s on their weight loss journey. I am committed to helping you transform your life, regain your energy, and embrace a healthier, more confident future."

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We're not talking about it yet but let's be honest, we all know the 'M word' is on the way...

Menopause. And we've heard from our sisters, mothers, work colleagues just how hard it gets to lose weight once menopuase starts so let's do something about it now. Now is YOUR time!

Stop saying 'diet starts Monday'

If you've found your way here, I am guessing you've been on a diet for most of your adult life, maybe longer... Let's change that. How about we get you eating food you actually enjoy? Just in a way that works for your goals, there is no food off limits here. (Just clever ways to work those foods in to your diet.)

Be kind to yourself.

Another side effect of dieting is feeling like a failure. Feeling like nothing works for you, you can't do it and you're never going to achieve your goals right? No! Your goals are ready and waiting for you. You can get there, you can have a body that you feel good about. A big part of what we'll focus on is confidence and kindness to yourself.

Let it be EASY.

The internet 'gurus' would have you believe that in order for it to 'work', it needs to be hard. You must sweat, hustle, grind or drink magic potions that cost the earth. I'm calling total BS on all of that. At Next Level Nutrition, we focus on making is as simple as possible. If you enjoy a sandwich at lunchtime, let's make great sandwiches. Simple.

Our customers love us

"Her supportive approach combined with expert knowledge has helped me achieve changes to my body and overall health in just a few months that I never thought were possible - thank you for doing what you do (and doing it so well)!"

- Dr Kelvin Revere, Next Level Nutrition Ltd client 2022

"This is not a diet, Angela has completely changed my mind set around food. I eat more health and more balanced meals each day. I still eat out and can have a drink."

- Anna Wilson. Next Level Nutrition Ltd client (2022)

"I would highly recommend Angela for anyone looking to take control of their health and build better habits. Her knowledge and empathetic approach have helped me to get my nutrition on track and to feel more confident that I know what I need to do in the future."

- Emma Bell-Scott. Next Level Nutrition Ltd client (2022)"

Meet Angela.

Hi, I'm Angela. A university qualified nutritionist with 7+ years of experience in coaching people just like you to achieve their weight & health goals. I'm passionate about helping women, especially people pleasers (like me!) take back control of their health and happiness by prioritising their needs so they can feel in control and get out of headless chicken mode!

Let me guess...you're brilliant at helping others. You're the 'go to' friend or family member who everyone counts on. You're always on hand with advice and help... but what about your goals? Remember them?

I know you do, that's why you're here and that's exactly what I can help you with. Putting YOU back on the priority list, sorting out your food and routine, getting some movement back in your day and giving you the accountability to make it happen. This is YOUR time!

If this sounds like you and you're ready to invest in YOU, let's talk, it's totally free and will just take a minute to complete a quick application form - so I know who I'm going to be chatting with.

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How does it work?

As your nutritionist, cheerleader and occasional agony aunt (trust me, there will be times when you need to rant and that's cool, it's all part of the 100% confidential service) here's what we will work on together. This will never be a 'cookie cutter' steps 1 - 10 programme. This is bespoke coaching, tailored to your exact needs. Because that's absolutely what you deserve.



First we're going to deep dive back into your past to remember how you used to like to eat before WW and Slimming World and Atkins messed up your head so much, you don't even remember what you really enjoy anymore.



Then there will be some experimentation. Like when you were a teenager and trying out new hair colours except with meals, snacks and new ways of doing things. Some will work and some will be like that awful tint you just hated. It's all ok. This is discovering what's going to work and not work for you.


Plan, Create, & Do!

We are going to use your amazing skills, the ones that make sure everyone else you know has what they need, except we're going to apply it to YOU. We will look for systems, plans, and any ideas that will make you feel confident in every choice you make.



Now you're flying. You're eating meals you enjoy. You're feeling fantastic in your clothes again, you're even having to buy new pants. Let's test, tweak and embed these habits for life.


Long term change

Finally, we'll be nearing the end of our journey because you won't need me any more! You will instinctively know what to choose, how to balance your day and how to feel good about your choices - even if that choice is high calorie and indulgent because you will know how to handle those feelings and refocus with kindness.

How you can work with me

There is only one way to work with me right now and that's in my 1:1 bespoke coaching programme.

There is a course coming in January 2024 and a FREE challenge coming before that.

Find out more by clicking the 'work with me' link or click here

I've learnt to love ALL food and by removing restrictions and approaching everything with compassion I've managed to reverse a lot of damage and mental obstacles that the diet industry has taught me over the last 20 years.

Angela is so friendly and non-judgemental and is clearly so passionate about helping people to make life-long changes with food.

Empowering her clients is at the heart of what she does which also includes providing lots of resources, knowledge and kindness.

- Hannah McHaffie, 1:1 Coaching Client 2022

— Karen S.