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Hi, I’m Angela.

I'm a registered nutritionist and passionate helper of people who help everyone else, but forget about themselves!

Do you consider yourself a great friend, always there when people need you? A fantastic mum, partner and family member? Or maybe you're really accomplished in your career but struggle when it comes to applying everything you do for everyone else, to yourself?

You're in the right place if you you know what you want to do but it's just not happening for you, we'll help you get organised, save time and achieve lasting weight loss without giving up the foods you love or spending hours in the gym.

I'll work with you to achieve your goals without giving up family or social time, whilst eating normal food and always boosting your self confidence through education & empowerment.

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Let’s talk.

If you've got a question, or just want to know if something you've read stacks up, get in touch. We can talk you through our plans, work out what's best for you or even just give you some free advice to help you keep moving towards your goals.

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Do your weekends let you down? Do you find yourself saying "I wish I knew what was right for me?" If you're sick of meal plans and fad diets, this is for YOU.

The LAL Method? We start with a Baseline - where are you now? Next, we identify your barriers and create a strategy for change. Then we set up your new habits so you can't help but succeed!


Are you working out and not seeing results? Are you tracking but not seeing changes in your body?

SHRED is our 'lite' programme. For those who know what they're doing but it's just not working somehow...

Weekly check in's, accountability and a community on Facebook to accelerate your progress like never before!

RESET: Mind & Body©

Our brand new course!

Details coming soon 👀

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Do you love listening to nutrition and lifestyle advice on the go? Our podcast covers topics like progress, consistency and setting goals.


If you're wondering "What the fluff is a macro?!" We've got you. Our pdf explains it all and it's totally FREE when you sign up to our mailing list.


Does the thought of planning meals for the week fill you with dread? Does it constantly fall off your 'to do' list? Our FREE mini course can help you get it done in 30 minutes or less!

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